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Ossi Karkulahti

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Topic of PhD Dissertation

Adaptive Content Distribution in the Future Internet

Research Plan

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A Quick Rundown

Currently the Internet is full of variable content such as web sites, photos, movies and
songs, which all pose different challenges for efficient distribution. Until recently most
of the content was provided by large institutions and commercial organisations.
However, in recent years user-generated content has grown drastically and sites like
YouTube and Wikipedia are hugely popular nowadays. An important part of this
research is to determine appropriate content distribution mechanisms for different
kinds of content providers.

Research Questions

  • What are the fundamental differences between different content distribution systems?
  • How, when, and why users generate content?
  • How, when, and why end-users access content?
  • How do different kinds of content providers distribute different content types efficiently?
  • What kind of algorithms, mechanisms, and architectures are needed for efficient and adaptable content distribution?
  • How to build adaptive content distribution system atop of the current network and physical layers?
  • What are the difference in implementing adaptive content distribution in the realms of mobile and wired networks?

Current Research Interests

  • Social Media
    • twitter
    • foursquare
    • YouTube
  • Hovering Information / Floating Content


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