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Instructions for Future Internet Graduate School (FIGS) Travel Grants

FIGS students have the possibility of getting partial funding for their conference travels. You can get up to 50% of the travel costs covered by FIGS and have to find the other half from other sources (e.g., your supervisor,
conference travel grants, etc.)

The applications are accepted on a continuous basis and will be decided by the co-directors.
Main decision criteria are:

1. Impact: We will take into account the quality of the conference and prioritize applications accordingly. Trips to very low level conferences might not get funded at all or at a lower percentage.

2. Potential for learning: Grants for traveling to top level conferences can be given even if you don't have a paper there. We want to strive for better quality of publications and you can learn a lot by just going to a top level conference and interacting with people there. These kinds of grants are limited to maximum 1 per student per year.

3. Other: Other travel, like summer schools, may be funded if money is available, but at a lower priority. Project trips will NOT be funded.

Submit your application to XXX. Please include a description of the trip/venue and a justification. Also include an estimate of the budget (flights, hotel, registration, daily allowance).